Name:Saddle Stool


Material: solid wood frame, high resilience sponge filling

Material: custom embroidery cotton linen, high quality leather (custom colours/fabrics are available)

Size:(LWH)43*37*39cm Sitting height 39cm

Packing:48*42*44cm(not detachable)

Net weight:6kg


Name:Shaped Chain Sofa

Series: Sofa

Material: soft down cushion bag, high density high resilience sponge

Material: velvet (custom colour/fabric available)

Size: (length, width and height) 204*105*64cm

double seat 305*105*64cm four seat 405*105*64cm more than 705*105*64cm sitting height 40cm

Packing:Double seat 209*110*69cm Triple seat 310*110*69cm Quad seat 410*110*69cm Multi seat 710*110*64cm(not detachable)

Net weight:40kg for double seat 60kg for triple seat 80kg for quadruple seat 140kg for multi-person seat


Name:Polar Bear Stool

Series:Polar Bear

Material: solid wood frame, one-piece moulding cotton

Fabric: Mink fabric (custom fabric/colour available)

Size:(LWH) Large 70*38*92cm Sitting height 40cm

Small 65*38*72cm Sitting height 34cm

Packing: Large 73*41*95cm Small 68*41*75cm(not detachable)

Net weight: Small 5kg, Large 9kg


Name:Camel Stool


Material: solid wood frame, high-density comfortable sponge

Material: imported high-grade technology cloth (custom fabric/colour)

Size: (length, width and height) 80 34 76cm sitting height 38cm

Packing:85*39*81cm (not detachable)

Net weight:4kg


Name:Cloud Cluster Chair

Series: Leisure Single Sofa Chair

Material: sturdy imported pine frame, fine electroplating gold fixed feet Painting: PU primer, clean taste environmental protection paint (through the body sanding)

Material: warm delicate teddy cashmere/velvet (custom fabric/colour available) Size: (L*W*H)78*88*72cm Sitting height 35cm


Net weight:20kg


Name: Roly PolyChair Elephant Leg Chair

Series: Leisure Single Sofa Chair

Material: environmentally friendly wear-resistant PE plastic

Material: soft and comfortable cotton and linen seat bag (can be customised colour/fabric)

Size: (L W H) adult models 84 57 63cm children's models 64 51 60cm sitting height 41cm Packing: adult models 89 6268cm children's models 69 56 * 65m (whole)

Net weight: adult models 15KG children's models 8KG